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Our Team

We are farmers and technologists who share a passion for local agriculture and good food. 

Cara Fraver


Cara co-owned and operated a four-season diversified vegetable farm in New York. Passionate about farm viability, she knows that farmers have to wear (too) many hats and strives for solutions that minimize the paperwork so that farmers and ranchers can spend more time doing the parts of the work that they love. As the Business Services Director at the National Young Farmers Coalition, she educated on produce safety and federal farm loans. She works with the National Good Agricultural Practices Program.

Chi Hung Lo


Chi Hung (Jimmy) Lo is a Full Stack Software Engineer at Farm Generations, specializing in SQL (BigQuery) processing, React, React Native, Typescript, and Firebase. With extensive experience in both frontend and backend development, Jimmy excels in crafting intuitive interfaces for web and mobile applications using React Native. On the backend, he specializes in Firebase, leveraging its cloud functions for efficient data management. Jimmy's proficiency in SQL (BigQuery) processing enables him to optimize databases and generate tailored reports to meet the diverse needs of businesses and farmers. Committed to continuous learning and staying updated with industry trends, Jimmy is dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions that align with business objectives and user needs.

Dani Grover

Customer Support Specialist

Dani has worked at the intersection of agriculture and technology since 2010, when they got hooked on open source, farmer-developed tools by way of the Farm Hack community. Since, they have worked at vegetable, livestock, and dairy farms in the Northeast. After years of learning from other farmers, they are thrilled to have been able to finally purchase land with two collaborators at the end of 2022–a home for their farm business, other queer and trans farmers, and retreat and respite space for folks working for social justice. They are a teamster, cheesemaker, and Customer Support Specialist at Farm Generations Cooperative.

Eric Sannerud

Director of Accounts and Partnerships

Eric R. Sannerud is the National Coop Organizing Lead for Farm Generations Cooperative. Eric serves on Minnesota’s Rural Finance Authority and is a TEDx speaker. Eric farms outside of Milaca, Minnesota with his wife and many, many animals.

Iacob Sas


Iacob Sas is a Full Stack Software Engineer with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. With a passion for programming and a vast experience of developing both mobile and web apps from scratch to deployment and large-scale projects, he enjoys taking on performance challenges as well as finding out the simplest solution for complicated problems. Iacob prioritises user experience, striving to create clean, aesthetically and performant software solutions.

Kheva Mann

Senior Engineer

Kheva Mann is a Full Stack Software Engineer at Farm Generations, specializing in payment and EBT processing. With a solid foundation in Software Engineering, he has significantly contributed to large-scale projects and successfully launched numerous apps on both iOS and Android platforms. Holding a B.S. in Software Engineering with a minor in Psychology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Kheva combines technical expertise with a deep understanding of user behavior. Passionate about collaborating directly with farmers, he aims to create solutions that are truly designed for them, not just targeting them. Outside of work, Kheva's interests include running, surfing, and exploring new places.

Lindsey Lusher Shute

Co-founder & CEO

Lindsey co-founded the National Young Farmers Coalition and led the organization as executive director for 10 years. Lindsey is an owner of Hearty Roots Farm, a diversified vegetable and livestock operation in New York's Hudson Valley. At Young Farmers, Lindsey built a network of 150,000 farmers and activists to support grassroots campaigns on the issues of land affordability,  conservation, credit, student loans, and farmer training. She has keynoted conferences across the country.

Mark Russo


Mark is a bricolage aficionado who has been obsessed with food and dedicated to healing land, body and spirit since before getting involved in the local food movement 10+ years ago. Currently based in NY's Upper Hudson Valley in the foothills of the Green Mountains, he manages a very small diversified livestock farm with his partner & their dog. Before joining the Farm Generations team Mark held down just about every farm job out there and produced a radio segment on local food & farming. He holds a BFA in Theater Design & Technology from SUNY Buffalo and has certificates in Permaculture Design and Holistic Management.

Michael Parker

Co-Founder & COO

Mike has pursued an eclectic career in agriculture, food, entrepreneurship, and education. He is a first generation farmer, currently starting up a grassfed beef enterprise in Cooperstown, NY. Mike also contributes to land access and business services projects for the National Young Farmers Coalition, and coordinates a farm viability grant program and business planning course for the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources. He holds a B.S. with concentrations in Accounting and Operations Information Management from Georgetown University.

Miguel Niblock


Miguel is a Full-Stack engineer with a passion for cross platform technologies like React Native. With a background in Data Science, he has contributed to back-end and front-end projects involving technologies like Graphql, AWS, Machine Learning, MongoDB, releasing apps to the app stores and a lot of UI development. Miguel holds a masters in computer science from Colorado Technical University and in his free time enjoys traveling, yoga, and camping. In his wildest dream Miguel hopes to one day have his own farm where he will develop new agricultural technologies.

Ravikumar Ramanathan


Ravi is a seasoned executive with a passion to build world class products. Most recently, he was VP of a high profile AI/vision team building AR/MR for virtual production at Arraiy. Earlier, CTO of an early stage peer to peer eCommerce startup at Priarc, principal architect of the industry-leading Java IDE, JBuilder and AppWave, an App Store for virtualized software, creator of the patented App Factories at Borland. He holds a B.S. with concentrations in Electronics and Instrumentation from Annamalai University, India

Yash Totale


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