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Co-op Membership

Farmers own this company. 

Share in the success of GrownBy by joining the Farm Generations Cooperative. Our members are owners of the app and will be eligible to share in company profits.

Board of Directors

Join our Board of Directors. Our board is and will always be majority controlled by farmer-members who are democratically elected by other farmer-members. 

One member, one vote. During annual meetings, all member-owners will have an equal opportunity to vote on major co-op decisions, including electing representatives to our board.


Financial Equity

Build financial equity in the co-op based on your use of GrownBy relative to other co-op members.
When the co-op reaches profitability, you will benefit from annual cash dividend distributions.


Steps to join

  • Be an eligible farmer or farm business in good standing with membership policies

  • Purchased share of common stock for $250

  • Sign the membership agreement


Contact us for more information.

Eligibility criteria 

  • Farm business owners or farm business entities

  • Have made at least 1 sale on GrownBy and an active account

How to Join

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