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Proudly Cooperatively Owned

Autonomy & Independence

7 Cooperative Principles

Democratic member control

Open, Voluntary membership

Cooperation among Cooperatives

Member Economic Participation

Concern for Community

Education & Training

Member requirements



Farmer/seller on GrownBy

To be eligible, you must be a current GrownBy seller. One membership per farm. 


Member-owners agree to the cooperative's member agreement

Share purchase

Member-owners purchase a $250 share in the cooperative

Farmers own this company. 

Farm Generations is a multi stakeholder cooperative: we are owned by our farmer member-owners and employees.

We follow this unique cooperative structure because this business is fundamental to the success of our members farms and future livelihoods. 

After seeing farm after farm contend with tech companies working against their interests, our farmer co-founders decided that a new direction was necessary. 

Following in the footsteps of farmers, workers and disenfranchised people across the globe, we incorporated Farm Generations Cooperative as a new and strong foundation for the future of small farms. 

Our goal was to produce the best technology that would forever serve the interests of the farm community; our farmers have a voice in the very systems that they need each and every day. 

In 2023, the cooperative's board voted to invite our employees to also be minority stakeholders in this journey. We are presently in the process of inviting employees to join the company as member-owners.

Board of Directors

Join our Board of Directors. Our board is and will always be majority controlled by farmer-members who are democratically elected by other farmer-members.

Equal Voting Rights

One member, one vote. During annual meetings, all member-owners  have an equal opportunity to vote on major co-op decisions, including electing representatives to our board.

Financial Equity

Build financial equity in the co-op based on your use of GrownBy relative to other co-op members.
When the co-op reaches profitability, co-op members benefit from annual cash dividend distributions.

Member Benefits

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