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Grow your farm's sales with GrownBy

GrownBy is the only farmer-owned, farmer-designed e-commerce solution. Our tools save you time, make new selling models easy, and give your customers a worldclass experience.

From beginning farmers to scaled and complex operations, we will help you grow!

No start-up fees, no hidden costs.

Accept SNAP Online, for free

With our partner, Marketlink, your farm can accept SNAP benefits online for free.

In Great Company.

The community of farmers on GrownBy is expanding everday, and includes some of the top farms across the United States. Farms sell everything from CSA shares to flowers and meat. 

Shoppers on GrownBy have a single account, making it easy to shop from your farm. 

Every farm that starts selling has the opportunity to become a member-owner of the cooperative. 

Our team is your team. 

Our support team has farming experience, which means that we have deep rooted knowledge and unyielding understanding of the struggles and strategies of managing a farm while running a business because we’ve been there, and we’re here to help you flourish. Schedule a one-on-one call with one of our team members. We won't give up until we get it right!


Get Started, For Free

You don't need us to get started, but a lot of farmers like to learn more about GrownBy's features before they dive in. We get it!

Join our all-farmer team for a weekly class or schedule a one-on-one demo to learn more to maximize our software for your success.

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