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Start selling.

Signup for free and start selling.

It's that easy.

Built by and for successful farms

Market pre-orders

You say when, where, and what you want to sell. 

CSA with flexibility

Sell CSA on subscription or have customers build custom orders.

Payments online or offline

Accept credit card and offline payments in installments with deposit or all-at-once.

Inventory Management

The most important data at your fingertips: what to pick; where to send what; and who will be there to pick it up. 

Weekly farmer classes

Learn the basics of selling on the GrownBy marketplace with one of our farmer-instructors. Workshops are generally one hour in length, depending on the number of participants. 

GrownBy marketplace demos

Will GrownBy work for your farm? Let's get on the phone to discuss. Schedule a video call with a member of our community team. 

Welcome, farmers! 

Join us for a weekly workshop or schedule a demo to learn more about GrownBy.

You don't need us to get started, but a lot of farmers like to learn more before they dive in. We get it!

Join our all-farmer team for a weekly class or schedule a demo.

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