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"Farmers, Let's Go Big Together"

Co-Founder & CEO Lindsey Lusher Shute

Technology for the future of food. 

Farm Generations Cooperative is committed to empowering local farmers while promoting transparency in the food supply chain.


Leveraging modern technology and tradition, the cooperative aims to build a more just and sustainable future for food and the farmers who make it possible. In 2019, Farm Generations Cooperative launched GrownBy, the first free and farmer-owned software platform built for local farm sales. By seamlessly connecting growers with consumers across America, GrownBy fosters a direct and fair exchange between farmers and shoppers. The platform allows small farmers to thrive collectively, while building a more resilient and community-forward agricultural landscape.


Farm Generations Cooperative is sowing the seeds for positive change, and cultivating a future where small farmers grow big—together.

Learn more about our mission.

Regenerative Agriculture

Farm Generations is here to support sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices. 

We uplift farms that improve soil health; sequester carbon;  and minimize unhealthy inputs. 

Farmers on GrownBy proudly add certifications such as Organic; Certified Naturally Grown; and Animal Welfare Approved. Others add tags and descriptions to talk about their on farm practices that make their food sustainable and delicious. 

Food Access

Millions of Americans depend on food aid to feed their families. As farmers, we are dedicated to making our food truly accesible to all; fresh and farm food should not be limited to those who can afford it. Locally grown food must be made available to everyone -- from emergency food providers to schools and hospitals. 

That is why we were the first app for farmers to accept SNAP Online and why we are working with the Culinary Institute of America on an innovative project to break down barriers for institutions looking to bring local food into their food service. 

We believe in the healing power of food, and we want to bring that to as many people as possible through Farm Generations and GrownBy. 

Farm Viability

The United States has lost millions of farmers over the past 100 years. Consolidation in agriculture has led to tenuous supply chains; compromises on food and worker safety; slowing rural economies; and less food security. 

Farm Generations is here to help farms succeed. By offering low cost services and a company where farmers are respected and valued, we are a foundation for future succeess. 

GrownBy, our first product, aims to increasei retail and wholesale markets for farmers with an exceptional customer experience and improved logistics for farms. 

Our Goals

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