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Let's grow your farm, together. 

Subscriptions, pre-orders, delivery, harvest lists, payments. Developed by real farmers. 

Designed by Farmers

GrownBy is a labor of love by and for direct market farmers. We have partnered with an incredible team of engineers who have helped us connect farm needs to technology solutions. Our work has been recognized by FS6, Google for Startups, and was the Software winner for CAFF Small Farm Innovation Challenge. 

We are continuously improving and looking for new ways to make farm sales easier and to help farmers find success. 

Beautiful Farm Store

Put your best food forward with a beautiful farm shop. 

Farm shops include product and product photos; a place for your story; customer reviews; certification labels; and many options for displaying your inventory. 

Community Supported Agriculture

GrownBy was created by CSA farmers. We have a deep set of features to support a variety of CSA styles, including multiple groups; rescheduling for customers; vacations for customers; and more.

Credit Card Payments

We partner with Stripe to accept credit card payments. Setup and payouts are easy, and everything is managed directly through GrownBy. 

Cash and Check Payments

We offer payment by cash or check for free. If you don't want to accept these types of payments, you can turn off these payment types. 

SNAP Online

We are the first famer platform to be approved by USDA for SNAP Online. With our partner Marketlink, farmers can process SNAP transactions for free. 

Order Ahead

With our unique checkout, you can let your customers order as far in advance as you'd like. This is an excellent option for custom CSA boxes. 

Easy Installment Payments

For our CSA farms, installments are critical. Set your last installment date and a deposit for up-front payment. You can offer both weekly and monthly payment options. 

Go big or stay small

We support you at every stage of your farming journey. Whether you're a beginning farmer in your first season or have been farming for 20+ years, GrownBy can work for you!

Add as many products, as many locations, and as many schedules as you like to your shop. There are no extra charges.

Real-time Receiving

Our new feature allows you to do real-time receiving; know which of your customers has picked up their share or received a delivery. 

App and Web

Most customers place orders on their mobile device. That's why we have the GrownBy app available on web, iOS, and Android. Customers can easily login with a phone number and verification code; an email and password, or through Google. 


We streamline your essential customer communications with built-in notifications for you and your customers. We send customers order confirmations; invoices; overdue reminders; and pickup or delivery reminders. We'll let you know when you have a new order; when an invoice is overdue; and more. We also make it easy to export or copy a quick list of customer emails for your own newsletter.

Harvest Lists

It's the big day! We'll make sure you're ready for market with many options for harvest and pack lists. 


By selling with farmers from across the United States, you'll be sure to be discovered by customers on GrownBy. Consumers can easily download the app and search for farms that deliver or distribute nearby. Farmers can also send their customers to a custom link for their farm shop. 

Our team looks for opportunities to promote you and your farm products. 

Start selling.

Signup for free and start selling.

It's that easy.

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