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We are about fairness.

As a cooperative, we focus on offering a high-quality product with a sustainable pricing model.

4.9% processing fee on credit card payments

2.9% Stripe credit card processing fees* + $.30 transaction fee (paid by customer)

2% GrownBy Fee

Customers can cover your transaction fees and leave a tip!

Since we've released this feature, more than half of customers cover farm fees. 

$0 Fees on offline payments

No fees until your first sale

Direct deposit into your bank account

"GrownBy is the exact e-commerce platform that I've been looking for"

 I can't wait to use it to streamline my CSA sales, payments, and communications, saving me time and labor.  I love that its made by farmers for farmers, and every quirky need I might have, they have thought of!

- Christina Chan
Choy Division, Orange County, New York

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