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Delivering value for your farm.

At Farm Generations, we spend each and everyday looking for opportunities to make farmers and their customers happy.

As farmers, we know that every penny counts and our ability to bring your farm value and savings is paramount.

That is why we've packed GrownBy with a set of features that will help you optimize and simplify your farm's operations. From payments to customer management and receiving, we are continuously adding more enhancements to help your day-to-day.

When it comes to pricing, we are aiming for a simple model. While some platforms come up with a confusing set of start-up and scale-based pricing, we've landed on a simple 2% that goes back to the cooperative.

We recommend that farmers enable GrownBy to allow customers to optionally cover these fees. When enabled, many customers opt to cover all farmer fees (co-op fees and any credit card fees).



no hidden fees

no startup costs

no changes as you grow.


Credit Card Payments

$2.9% + $.30 per transaction

We partner with Stripe for credit card payments. Customers are encouraged to cover some or all of these fees on checkout--and more than half of GrownBy shoppers do.

Software Co-op

2% on credit card payments

Farm Generations Cooperative charges 2% to cover the costs of GrownBy and our support team. Along with credit card fees, many customers choose to cover this fee for their farmer.

Cash and Check Payments


All offline payments are free

Installments and Subscriptions


We offer a robust set of options for collecting payments on a weekly or monthly basis with an upfront "deposit"

Join the Co-op

$250 to join

After making their first sale on GrownBy, farmers are invited to join the Farm Generations Cooperative. Membership is not required, but is encouraged.

SNAP Online

Free from USDA/Marketlink

You can accept SNAP payments directly on GrownBy by becoming SNAP certified. We are thrilled to offer this service free of charge through our partner, Marketlink.



Just get started! Our team is happy to help, and we won't charge you anything for it.



No limits! Add as many products as you like.

Locations and schedules


We don't limit your logistics! Deliver to as many locations with as many schedules as you like.

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