• Leanna Mulvihill

Manage Customers

Updated: Mar 5

The customer page is where you manage adding, importing, and exporting customers. You can use your existing customer list and import it with the template provided. You can export your customer list from GrownBy and use it as you please (like uploading it into Mailchimp). You own the relationship with your customers.

You can handle business for individual customers by clicking on their name on the customer page. This is where you can create invoices, subscriptions and pre-orders on behalf of customers for whatever reason. This is handy for customers who may be less tech-savvy and need your help navigating GrownBy.

This is also where refunds and cancellations are handled. Refunds go to the original payment method in Stripe. Cancelling shares give you the opportunity to give a refund as Farm Credit.

See video for more information.

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