• Leanna Mulvihill

How to Give a Refund

Updated: Mar 5

There are 3 ways to give money back to a customer on GrownBy and we go over them in this video. All of this can be done by clicking on an individual customer in your Customers Tab on the farmer side of GrownBy.

  1. Refund an invoice back to their original payment method.

  2. Cancel a share. You will be given the opportunity to give credit back to a customers's GrownBy account.

  3. Adjust Farm Credit. If for some reason you have a situation that doesn't fit neatly into one of the other categories, you can give credit back to your customer's Farm Credit in GrownBy.

Please note, that refunds will not be reflected in the distribution tab for farmers or the orders tab for consumers. These features are coming soon.

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