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Get Started Selling on GrownBy

Updated: Mar 5

Hi friend! We’re glad you’re here. Let’s get you started selling on GrownBy.

Here are the steps once you download the app or open up GrownBy on your web browser.

1. Create an account

2. Find or add your farm

3. Setup farm

- Farm profile

- Locations

- Schedule

- Stripe Setup

4. Add a standard product


Add a CSA group and add a share

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’re ready to start making sales on GrownBy! You can always search our support documents or videos if you’re stuck somewhere.

If it takes you longer than 2 hours to get through these steps, something has gone awry! Call or text us at ‪(845) 377-5287‬ or email info@farmgenerations.coop. We want to make sure you are successful on GrownBy.


To complete the onboarding process for your farm you will need:

  • Photos of your farm

  • Photos of your products

  • Addresses of everywhere you distribute products (markets, farm stands, CSA distribution sites, etc.)

  • Schedules for all of your distribution locations for the upcoming season

  • Your product descriptions and price lists

  • Your CSA share details - price, description, schedule

  • Your Stripe account login (if you don’t have one, you’ll be prompted to create one). This includes the device that you will receive the 2-step verification code on.

  • Your bank account info

  • Your ID (Stripe needs it to verify your identity)

  • Your EIN (or social security number if that’s what you use for your farm’s taxes)

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