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Add a CSA Group and Add a Share

Updated: Mar 12

A CSA group is a group of shares marketed together with common distributions and policies. A CSA has to have at least one share available for purchase. Customers buy a share, not a CSA. But you can name your shares however you would like.

This video shows you how to add a CSA group.

You're not done yet! You need to add at least one share to your CSA group in order for a customer to buy it.

A share has one schedule, but can be available at multiple locations. Usually, shares are distributed on a recurring basis either weekly, biweekly or monthly.

Basic Info & Contents

Buying a Primary Share is required for a customer to be able to buy an Addon Share. For example, a lot of CSAs have a veggie share as their primary share and let you buy an egg share addon. If you would like customers to be able to purchase different share types independently, make them all primary shares.

A share can belong to multiple CSAs, but it has to belong to at least one CSA.

Specifying what products go into a share is optional.

Schedule & Price

Using SKUs is optional for products and shares.

This is where you set your distribution date range - exact dates are tied to specific distribution locations and their associated schedules. You select these in the next tab.

This is where you get to set all of your installment options for your shares. You can set your prices differently for different installment plans to incentivize customers to pay upfront.

Distributions & Photos

Selecting distributions for your CSA - this is where you choose the exact schedule and locations of your CSA distributions.

Play around with photos and make sure they look how you want them to on the consumer side of the app.


This is where you set the cancellation policies for your share. There is a range of options from flexible to strict.

Vacation weeks let customers pause their CSA share for a certain number of distributions, like if they go on vacation.

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