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Establishing and maintaining food sovereignty in urban environments is imperative for building a more just and sustainable future for food and the farmers who make it possible.


Serving a metropolitan city is also tricky; there’s more traffic, less space, plenty of competition, and even more logistics, and no matter what stage you are in your farming journey, it can feel overwhelming.

But you don’t have to go it alone.


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has played a vital role in feeding New Yorkers farm fresh food for 30 years.


New York farmers developed a unique way to partner with their communities to ensure the success of their community supported agriculture programs through Core Groups — volunteers who liaise between their farmer and respective communities to ensure the delivery of sustainably grown food throughout the five boroughs.


Farm Generations Cooperative partnered with Just Food, GrowNYC and New York farms to document, review, and learn how CSAs can better serve farm products to city dwellers. Read the report on how it's done and learn how you can bring a farm to NYC or bring your farm to NYC.


Ready to get started?


This comprehensive workbook will show you how to build a successful and impactful CSA program in your community.


This free e-book is designed for all farmers interested in starting or growing their CSA business in the city. While the workbook curriculum is structured specifically for farmers in the NYC metropolitan area, the majority of the information is applicable for all farmers at any stage.


In this workbook, you will learn how to:

  • find a community partner and core group

  • design and price your shares

  • select a distribution location

  • make your shares financially accessible

  • collaborate with other growers

  • utilize technology and online platforms to increase sales

  • market and communicate with members and much more!



Your guide to a thriving CSA program is just a click away!

Drop your email, and you’ll get immediate access to over 70 pages of CSA related information.


Core Groups are incubators of innovation and experimentation within urban Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs, and are often an indispensable feature for CSA programs to succeed in New York City.


This detailed survey report explores the many challenges, possibilities, and accomplishments of urban farmers working with core groups to better understand the current state of CSA in the city, and how organizations and agencies across the country can support this vital connection between urban and rural environments.


As urban populations continue to grapple with socio-environmental and economic challenges, the insights gleaned from this report underscore the importance of investing in community-driven initiatives that prioritize a more resilient, transparent, and inclusive food system.



Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has played a vital role to get food to New Yorkers for at least the last 50 years. 

But getting food into a big city is tricky. There's traffic; lots of competition; little space; and so many logistics. 

To cope, New Yorkers developed a totally unique way to partner with communities to make it work -- all with the goal of getting fresh food where it's needed most. 


Farm Generations Cooperative partnered with Just Food, GrowNYC and local farms to review how CSAs are doing after all these years and to train new farmers on how to get started. 

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