We get it. We're farmers, too. 

When a customer asked a diversified farmer "what's the hardest crop to grow?" she replied, "the hardest thing to grow is Everything All at the Same Time." 

As direct market farmers, we aren't just responsible for growing Everything All at the Same Time, but for doing everything else at the same time too: juggling the harvest and the livestock and the weather, and also marketing, sales, and customer relationships.

Thats where GrownBy comes in. It simplifies customer engagement and sales - saving you time and helping you turn your passion into a career. 


The first platform cooperative for agriculture

At GrownBy, farmers aren't anonymous users -- farmers are members and equity owners of the Farm Generations Cooperative. 



New Mexico




GrownBy was  tested this season by 18 farms serving over 1,000 customers. 

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Better Together CSA

New Mexico


Hearty Roots Farm

New York


Powerful tools for Farmers

  • Powerful tools to sell and manage CSA subscriptions and market pre-orders

  • Set up multiple distribution locations and home delivery options

  • Process credit cards and offline orders

  • Manage all of your direct-to-consumer sales data in one place

  • Find new customers and communicate the value of shopping direct from the farm


Meaningful Shopping for Consumers

  • Find local farm products - even in urban areas​

  • Search for farms following organic and other 3rd party certifications

  • Purchase CSA shares and pre-order food from the farm

  • Learn about local products and local farms in your area

  • Get ideas for recipies and cooking with seasonal ingredients

  • Be part of community of consumers supporting a rural economy


Our Team


Lindsey co-founded the National Young Farmers Coalition and led the organization as executive director for 10 years. Lindsey is an owner of Hearty Roots Farm, a diversified vegetable and livestock operation in New York's Hudson Valley. At Young Farmers, Lindsey built a network of 150,000 farmers and activists to support grassroots campaigns on the issues of land affordability,  conservation, credit, student loans, and farmer training. She has keynoted conferences across the country.

You may know her from the Young Farmers Podcast

Lindsey also serves as a local elected official in Clermont, New York. 


Ravi is a seasoned executive with a passion to build world class products. Most recently, he was VP of a high profile AI/vision team building AR/MR for virtual production at Arraiy. Earlier, CTO of an early stage peer to peer eCommerce startup at Priarc, principal architect of the industry-leading Java IDE, JBuilder and AppWave, an App Store for virtualized software, creator of the patented App Factories at Borland. He holds a B.S. with concentrations in Electronics and Instrumentation from Annamalai University, India

Finance & Operations

Mike has pursued an eclectic career in agriculture, food, entrepreneurship, and education. He is a first generation farmer, currently starting up a grassfed beef enterprise in Cooperstown, NY. Mike also contributes to land access and business services projects for the National Young Farmers Coalition, and coordinates a farm viability grant program and business planning course for the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources. He holds a B.S. with concentrations in Accounting and Operations Information Management from Georgetown University.

PM - Customer Engagement

Leanna is a farmer turned techie. Before entering the tech world, she farmed for 7 years in Upstate New York. She had her own business, Four Legs Farm, raising sheep, pigs and cows. She holds a B.S. in Forest Engineering from SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry, and an M.S in Information Systems from Cornell University. 

Senior Developer


Simon Chong


Davon Goodwin

Board Member

Tess Brown Lavoie

Board Member





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