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The farmer-owned marketplace.

Our mission is to bring local food to every family in the US — and to be a foundation for local agriculture into the future. 

My family's farm is proud to join hundreds of other growers across the nation in building GrownBy and the Farm Generations Cooperative. 

Lindsey Lusher Shute, CEO

Hearty Roots Farm 

We're farmer-owned.

By selling on GrownBy, farmers have the opportunity to become a member of the Farm Generations Cooperative and an owner of GrownBy.

As a cooperative, we're here for each other -- to ensure that local farms are here to stay. 

Fill your fridge with local food, right from the farm. 

With GrownBy, everyone can access food from local farmers. 

Search for products or local farms nearby. If the farm you're looking for hasn't joined yet, simply invite them with a few clicks. 

Build a farm shop for CSA, market orders, and more.

GrownBy was created by and for direct market growers.


We've put all that we've learned on our own farms into this product. From big ideas to small and critical changes, we're here to make shopping and selling local food easy. 

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