We're a team of independent farmers

and skilled technologists.

Farm Generations Cooperative is a new, national agricultural cooperative that brings farmer-owners together to creatively solve business challenges.

The co-op's first project, GrownBy, is a sales platform for direct market farmers.


Powering sales and marketing for small farms.

Make every moment count.

When a customer asked a diversified farmer "what's the hardest crop to grow?" she replied, "the hardest thing to grow is Everything All at the Same Time." As direct market farmers, we aren't just responsible for growing Everything All at the Same Time, but for doing everything else at the same time too: juggling the harvest and the livestock and the weather, and also marketing, sales, and customer relationships. At a certain point, something's got to give, and if the choice as the sun sets is turning on the irrigation pump or sending out a marketing email, the plants are always going to take priority.  

GrownBy brings together sales, marketing, and management to help farmers make every moment count.  

GrownBy Waitlist

A beta version of GrownBy is available to a limited number of growers in 2020.  Fill out the following form to be added to the farmer waitlist and be informed of GrownBy product development. Filling out this form helps us gauge interest in this software, as well as feature needs. It does not require any commitment at this time. Information will only be used of the purposes of GrownBy and Farm Generations development and communications. 

How might you use GrownBy?

About Us

Farm Generations is led by Lindsey Lusher Shute and Michael Parker. Lindsey was a co-founder of the National Young Farmers Coalition and led the organization as executive director for 10 years. Lindsey is an owner of Hearty Roots Community Farm, a diversified vegetable and livestock operation, in New York's Hudson Valley. At Young Farmers, Lindsey led successful campaigns to address the issues of land affordability,  conservation, credit, student loans, and farmer training. Lindsey is also the host of the Young Farmers Podcast. 


Mike works for the National Young Farmers Coalition, helping farmers understand their financial decisions related to accessing farmland. Mike has been a dairy apprentice, farm worker, marketing associate with Red Tomato, and a farmers market manager. He holds a degree in accounting from Georgetown University.


Our software collaborator is Dan Stone and Moonfarmer. 

Stay tuned for updates on our board and leadership team.